What exactly is this?

A Kids Party Bus. We are a kids birthday party company that specialize in glam spa birthday parties for girls on our party bus.

*Note: We do not have a physical location.

How much does it cost?

We have 2 packages to choose from...

*Ritzy Glitzy Party Package: $695 + travel fee for "up to" 8 girls (7 guests + birthday girl)   $55 each (additional guest)

*VIP Party Package: $1395 + travel fee for "up to" 8 girls (7 guests + birthday girl)          $125 each (additional guest)

*Note: The price does not go down if you have less than 7 guests. The price only changes if you have more than 7 guests.

*Note: All of our parties are subject to a travel fee.

What is the maximum number of kids that can fit on the bus?

Anywhere from 20 - 25 kids, depending on their size.

Can I just bring my daughter in for a mani/pedi?

No. We are not a physical location. The only option that we have is the party bus (for parties only). We come to you.

What age group is the Ritzy Glitzy Party Bus for?

Our parties are for girls ages 3-12.

What areas does the Ritzy Glitzy Party Bus service?

We service New York City, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island (Nassau & Suffolk), Westchester County, NY, Northern New Jersey (Bergen, Hudson, Passaic, Essex, Union, Morris, Middlesex, Monmouth, and Sussex), and some of Connecticut (Greenwich, Stamford, Darien).

Where are Ritzy Glitzy Party Bus Parties held?

Our parties are held on the Ritzy Glitzy Party Bus parked outside your home or party venue. *Parent is responsible for providing adequate parking for the bus.

How long is a Ritzy Glitzy Party Bus Party?

Our parties are 1 1/2 hour (90 minutes).

Do you drive the kids around? 

No. The Party Bus stays parked for the entire duration of the party. *We do not offer any type of transportation services (pickup or drop-off).

Can I bring food, cake or cupcakes on the bus?

No. There's no food or drinks allowed on the bus. Most parents serve the food and cake inside their homes or at a local restaurant or venue.

Can I decorate the bus?

With balloons only. Nothing can be attached to the walls and there's no room for a table.

How do I book a party?

Click here: BOOK NOW (this pink button is located throughout our website). A $250 or $500 (non-refundable) debit or credit card deposit is required to reserve your party. Your final balance will be due on the day of your party, payable by debit or credit card only.

*You can also give us a call, if you prefer to book over the phone (646)696-4596.

Can I book a party for less than 8 girls?

Yes, you can book a party for less than 8 girls, but the price will remain at the base package price of $695 for the Ritzy Glitzy Party Package or $1395 for the VIP Party Package. The only time the price would change would be if you have more than 9 girls. 

Can I switch out or change services within the party package?

No, unfortunately not. Should you choose to omit a certain service from the party package, please be aware that the package price will remain the same.

What should I have my party guests do to prepare for my Ritzy Glitzy Party Bus party?

The girls should come with clean nails (without nail polish), to help maximize the party time. *They should also bring their own flip flops if your party includes pedicures.

Can parents stay on the Party Bus during the party?

This is something that is determined on a case by case basis. It depends on the number of kids, if there would be enough space for the parents to stay on the party bus during the party. However, we will always allow at least one parent (usually the party host) to stay on the bus during the party as a chaperone, if desired. 

Should I tip the Party Staff?

Yes, please! Tips are greatly appreciated by our Glam Squad, as they take special pride in making sure the girls have a fun and memorable experience aboard the Ritzy Glitzy Party Bus.

Are there any additional or hidden fees that I should know about?

There are travel fees that all customers will be charged according to the area that you live in (listed below). Otherwise, there are no additional or hidden fees. Our prices are as listed on our party details page, nothing more, nothing less.


*$100 travel fee for all NYC, Brooklyn, Bronx parties

*$35 - $85 travel fee for all Queens parties

*$125 travel fee for all Staten Island parties

*$35 - $85 travel fee for all Nassau County parties

*$65 - $695 travel fee for all Suffolk County parties

*$125 - $200 travel fee for all Westchester County parties 

*$125 - $175 travel fee for all Connecticut parties (Greenwich, Stamford, Darien, Norwalk, New Canaan, Ridgefield)

*$150 travel fee for all Bergen, Hudson, Passaic County parties

*$175 travel fee for all Essex, Union County parties

*$200 travel fee for all Morris, Middlesex, Sussex County parties

*$225 travel fee for all Somerset County parties

*$250 travel fee for all Monmouth County parties

What if I need to cancel my party?

Should you need to cancel your party, you must notify Ritzy Glitzy Girlz Club, LLC within 72 hours of your party. You will be offered the opportunity to reschedule, according to our availability.  All deposits paid to Ritzy Glitzy Girlz Club, LLC are non-refundable, except under certain circumstances, which will be determined by Ritzy Glitzy Girlz Club, LLC.  If rescheduling does not work out, you may request a refund in writing, within 30 days of your party date, accompanied with documented proof of the reason why you are unable to fulfill your party reservation. Even so, your submitted documents will be reviewed and possibly investigated for proof, by Ritzy Glitzy Girlz Club, LLC, to determine a decision of approval.

What happens if my party is cancelled by Ritzy Glitzy Girlz Club, due to an uncontrollable disaster?

If, the Ritzy Glitzy Party Bus cannot make it to your party or event due to any uncontrollable event or disaster such as extreme weather conditions, mechanical failure, car accident, hospitalization, etc., we will try our best to make alternate party arrangements that are equally adequate for the party host, as well as, attainable for Ritzy Glitzy Girlz Club, LLC at that time. If for any reason, the situation cannot be rectified, we will return your full deposit within 7 - 10 business days.